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My guest today is a local community health and wellness expert here in Santa Clarita, CA. She’s super passionate about pre and post-natal fitness and lives the FIT4MOM mission statement every day, “helping moms make strides in fitness, motherhood, and life.” This mompreneur is on a mission to help mamas in our community find strength in motherhood and live life empowered.

Please welcome our neighbor Samantha Welch!

Samantha Welch in her own words: “Hey I’m Samantha, wife to Michael and Mama to two fierce little girls, Parker and River. I’ve worn many hats throughout my life but Motherhood is by far the hardest but in the best way. These days you can catch me trying to look composed as I run a small fitness franchise, raise my kiddos, and find time for self-care. Prior to becoming a business owner and Mom I was working full-time in the film industry, decorating sets for television. Honestly, It was a career that I worked my butt off to get into, it was a 6 figure job with amazing benefits and I was good at it! When Parker, my oldest daughter, came into the world, the passions in my heart shifted from becoming an Emmy-winning decorator to being a Mom! My heart was now outside of my body and I needed to make a shift.

During my maternity leave, I found an amazing fitness program that was tailored to moms who could work out with their kiddos in tow, It was called FIT4MOM. I was so scared to go to the first class that I had Michael come sit on the bench at the park just in case Parker was crying or something (postpartum anxiety is real y’all). I signed up for a membership and started going to classes as often as I could, it became a routine for Parker and me to head to the park. She would often nap in the stroller while I was able to workout, but it was more than that; I was able to have conversations with other women who were going through similar situations and phases of life that I was, and I was able to have a new form of self-care and a bonding experience for me and my daughter. I had instant community and a village that was with me through everything, including the diagnosis of a rare disease in my youngest daughter, River. I never felt alone, FIT4MOM was there to lift me up and hold me close (even during the pandemic mind you) When I was offered the opportunity to take over the franchise I almost didn’t hesitate, I didn’t know the first thing about running a business but I knew a lot about leadership, mom life, and fitness. So I jumped in, and it’s been a hell of a ride, but for sure one worth waiting in line for!”

Fit4Mom  is the country’s largest fitness program for moms offering pre and post-natal fitness classes for every stage of motherhood. They help moms achieve their ultimate potential, both physically and emotionally, and offer support and education for moms. To learn more about FIT4MOM locations across the country clickHERE

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IG: @fit4momsantaclarita

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Written By Kelly O'Keefe

March 30, 2023

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