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Bonus Mini Episode with Jill Jaramillo

For over 22 years, Jill has spent her time working with children. From after-school programs, children’s ministry coordinator and youth group leader, to Special Education teacher and now, mom to two littles. She holds a Master’s of Arts in Teaching and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) currently overseeing a team of Special Educators. Her passion for sharing the love of Jesus with kids in a tangible way is woven into all of her life’s choices. It wasn’t until she became a Mom that she found herself finding new and creative ways to teach Biblical truth in ways that her young kids could grasp. With her understanding of child psychology and the heart of a Mom, Jill seeks to help parents share Biblical truths with their families.

Count the Fruit is the story of a boy discovering how the Fruits of the Spirit can be evident in all areas of his modern life. In everyday, ordinary moments, such as when he is playing with his little sister who likes to mess up his toys, or waiting for his turn on the playground, he begins to understand that when his Mom talks about Fruit, she isn’t talking about the peaches on the tree in his backyard. His story walks the reader through the nine fruits of the Spirit and invites the reader to notice and count the fruit in their own life.

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Written By Kelly O'Keefe

March 23, 2023

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